Why Should You Invest In Content?

Throughout 2013, we’ve all head the words ‘content is king’ so often that we’re all saying it in our sleep. This isn’t just the case for those who work or take an interest in the search industry, either.

Small business owners are increasingly waking up to the fact that they need to be making an effort when it comes to producing content. Not only are they looking to keep their blog updated, they are also looking at social media and their brand presence across the internet.Content Marketing

Unfortunately, many of these small business owners look at what they should be doing and jump straight in without actually thinking about how to do it.

Consequently, many content marketing campaigns are undermined before a word has been written, because people think in terms of targets and numbers when it comes to content creation.

Business owners are targeting 100 tweets per week, or three articles a day, or five links a day, for example. This is because it is easier to measure quantity than quality. This approach is a certain way to fail when it comes to content marketing, however.

The Big Problem

We can’t criticise businesses for wanting to get the best possible service at the lowest possible price. However, the big problem when it comes to content is that price is always the biggest factor. Instead of looking for the cheapest solution simply to say that a content marketing strategy is in place, businesses should be looking at the option that will do most to drive return on investment.

Paying more for higher quality and a greater return is the best approach to take.

More than Money

While the financial investment into content marketing is the most important aspect, business leaders should also be committed to investing time into it. Simply throwing money at a team, whether it is in-house or outsourced, isn’t enough. It is down to the leader to direct the strategy and ensure everything from business branding to the message, language, and style used is correct.

The issue seems to be that content marketing for many businesses gets little more than ‘lip service’ paid to it by those in charge. However, the payback is immense if done correctly.

Why You Must Invest

Yes, content marketing is one of the foundations of modern SEO. However, earning a better Google ranking is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the reasons why you should do it. The reality is that it doesn’t matter where you rank in Google if you aren’t able to connect with your audience. Quality content will engage people and make them remember your website to the extent that they won’t bother with Google in the future, they’ll just come straight to your site.

Bad content, similarly, will reflect badly on your brand and ensure that your site is ignored even if you are Google’s clear favourite. Modern SEO means that Google will filter most of the bad content out anyway and kick you down the search rankings, but you also need to consider the people who’ll find you by other means.

If you’re struggling to put together a content marketing strategy, then consulting an SEO company will help you come up with some ideas, both for immediate SEO gains and long-term plans.

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John is a content writer who also consults with businesses to help them plan their content marketing strategies. John remains shocked at how few businesses are prepared to invest the necessary resources into strong content creation, and the opportunities being missed as a result.