Optimize Your Titles For SEO

Optimizing your title for SEO is recommendable as it means that your websites rank better on search engine results. Consequently you will get better traffic to your website which is something that will definitely affect your bottom line.

The title of a webpage should precisely summarize the page’s content. Technically the title is called as the title element. You should aim to limit the characters in the title element to 70 as Google has a limit of 70 characters which it displays in its search results. If your title is longer than that, Google will truncate it while displaying it or might display other text from the content.

Optimal Format for the title text:

  • Brand Name I Primary Keyword and secondary keyword
  • Primary Keyword and secondary keyword I Brand Name

Guidelines for SEO friendly titles:

If you are looking to create a title that is SEO friendly there are some pointers to keep in mind. Below is a list of action items recommended for optimizing title tags for search engine optimization.

  • Length matters : Keep the length to 70 characters. If you exceed the length your title will be cut off and displayed with a “…” to indicate that the title has been cropped.
  • Keep keywords closer to the start of the title tag. This will ensure that your page gets a better ranking and increases user visibility to the web page.
  • The title should contain the relevant keywords to the brand or the type of product/service offered in the website.
  • The brand name plays an important role In SEO. If the brand is widely known then use it to start the title tag. If the brand is not popular and widely known it makes sense to first put the keyword and then the brand name in the title tag.
  • Convey a positive and impactful message through the title. The title creates the first impression. In marketing and more so in the world of internet first impressions are vital. A user will scan a page for a few seconds only. If the first impression is impactful it will create a lasting impression and will persuade the user to stay on the webpage.
  • Do not repeat your keyword more than 2-3 times on a page.

Keywords used in the titles show up in the browser area. It also appears in the tabs when multiple pages are opened simultaneously.

Keywords used in titles ensure that the search engine throws up your page when a user conducts a search using the keyword. This is vital for a greater visibility and ensures that you get a higher click through rate.

Title tag optimization for SEO is only a single entity of onsite SEO techniques. There are further techniques on Onsite SEOs and offsite SEOs which can be found here: http://themelib.com/2013/08/tips-to-optimize-content-of-your-web-page/

The correct use of keywords is a vital factor which contributes to the success or failure of your webpage particularly for your home page. Improper or nonexistent use of title on your webpage will keep most websites from achieving top ranks on the search engines results.

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