Get Your Small Business Started With Social Media

Social media can be daunting when you first star to promote your small business on social platforms. There are so many social networks around, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, to name only a few, and they each have their own communities and policies and approaches to marketing. A social media company can help you get started, but you can also do a few things on your own before hiring one.

Start Small

If you choose to join several social networks at once you can end up abandoning social media really soon, simply because you won’t have the time and the mood to create content that is worth liking and sharing, nor to understand how each network works. For start it is the best to choose one or two of the big four – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn – and build a compelling profile and set up a posting schedule, creating content in advance. Understand the network(s) you’ve chosen and build a following.

Build An Engaging Business Page

Ensure that the look and message of your social page is consistent with the look and message of your website and of the brand that you are representing. Make sure your page links to your website, and your website to your page. Add enticing photos and videos each day. Add contact details when that is possible. Monitor the page yourself everyday or assign someone to do it for you, someone who can immediately answer questions and deal with negative feedback. Your response time will have a major impact on how you’re perceived by social users. If you need help building a business page, you can always hire a web design company that will do it for you.


Gradually join other social networks, but never more than you can handle. It’s more effective to limit yourself to a handful of networks and to update them almost every day than it is to join tens of networks and let your profiles rust. Consider using the services of our social media company to decide which social network is the best one for you – it depends on what type of business your run.

Define Your Objectives

Do you want to drive traffic from your social profiles to your website or blog? Organize social contests? Encourage people to like or share your content on social websites? Offer free content and discounts to those who like your social profiles? All of these? Social media is versatile and can help you do a lot of things, but it can eat your time. Sort your priorities. Know what you want most.

Become Engaged

Passive use of social websites won’t get you far. You need to become an active member of the social communities you’ve joined, liking and sharing content, participating in discussions, making friends, and so on. Social media is as much about giving as it is about taking, and creating valuable content is just not enough. If you don’t have the time to become engaged, maybe you should consider hiring a  social media company to keep your social profile alive.

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